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The original "The Plant Doctor" app for Android devices and iPhone is available for free download.

NEW: The Spanish-language version ("Diagnóstico") of "The Plant Doctor" app for iOS devices is now available -- en Español!

App Name: The Plant Doctor 
App Version Number: 2.1
App Type: iOS App
Download it at the Google store (Android): store/apps/details?id=edu. hawaii.plantdoctor
This popular app allows users to:
  • take photographs of sick plants anywhere in the world 
  • enter descriptive text information about the problem, and 
  • request a free diagnosis of the problem and effective management recommendations 
The diagnoses and recommendations are provided to users by e-mail from Dr. Scot Nelson at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Originally launched in 2009, "The Plant Doctor" app was re-launched in December 2012 to provide diagnostic service at no cost to all users. As a bonus, the app also provides educational information for 10 of the most common types of plant diseases. 
Below are several screen shots from "The Plant Doctor" app for iPhones (Android version):

Diagnoses were provided for users in the following locations in 2013-2014:

  • County agents

  • Farmers

  • Landscape industry professionals

  • Homeowners and the general public

  • Master Gardeners

  • Plant quarantine inspectors

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